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Lived Experiences of Mental Illness Through Photography

normalizing, De-stigmatizing and humanizing Mental Health issues through photography and shared Lived experiences.

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Mental illness experiences shared visually.

Side Effects

This photo shows how much I lay around and have no energy and just really sleepy.  I think it is mainly a side effect and

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These crosses are very special to me, they represent my journey and have been given to me by my family, friends and church.  I look

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Grave Marker

Depression makes me wish it was my name on the grave marker and not my best friend.  [He died of] Leukemia. Quite a few times

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This is a photo of the home I grew up in. It’s a picture of the outside of the house but it’s the place where

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My Sleepy Bed

Picture of my bed. I slept constantly. If I wasn’t sleeping I would try to go to sleep.  I know that the anxiety and stomachache

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Scapular Medal

This is my Grandpa’s Scapular medal. Grandpa gave it to me when he was dying of cancer. These are what he kept when he was

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