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Lived Experiences of Mental Illness Through Photography

normalizing, De-stigmatizing and humanizing Mental Health issues through photography and shared Lived experiences.

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Mental illness experiences shared visually.

Brick Pavement

This is a brick pavement that is located downtown in my hometown. It has their names and date from when they were married of my

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Just Stop

It is just one of the ways that they teach you to stop ruminating or stop doing what you are doing and to do something

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“In this photo the eye sees a basic pair of scissors. The unseen story is that these scissors are a constant reminder of how I

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Scale Wars

Scale Wars: picture of our scale with my daily med box. Shows my weight gain as a side effect. The Zyprexa, I gained 70 pounds,

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Pile Of Mail

Pile of my mail: All of the health care bills piling up. It is really expensive to have a mental illness, it costs a lot

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Pill Box

Pill box ; All [of these meds] were taken except the night meds. If I don’t take them on time then I will wake up

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