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Lived Experiences of Mental Illness Through Photography

normalizing, De-stigmatizing and humanizing Mental Health issues through photography and shared Lived experiences.

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Mental illness experiences shared visually.

More then a degree

Nursing school exacerbated my mental health problems. Through lots of close friends, I have found out there is much more to life and school than

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A Cigarette. I guess smoking can be a crutch to deal with anxiety that has probably been one of my things. Where maybe medication could

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An unfortunate side effect of my medication I know I have are dreams. I never had dreams before. Never in my childhood. I don’t like

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Fruit And Hygiene

Fruit and hygiene photos; Fresh fruit but I would eat something unhealthy because I did not feel I could do that work.  My hygiene was

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A Blur

A blur–but the last 2 years since I’ve had this major decline with my depression that everything has just become a huge blur.  My memory

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Unkempt Home

Saw this house and just thought oh, how depressing.  House peeling, grass not mowed, shingles falling off.  Screamed depression to me.  I couldn’t imagine living

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These are my yearbooks spread out from kindergarten to my senior year in high school. It’s life moments of when I was bullied throughout middle

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