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Lived Experiences of Mental Illness Through Photography

normalizing, De-stigmatizing and humanizing Mental Health issues through photography and shared Lived experiences.

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Mental illness experiences shared visually.


“In this photo the eye sees a basic pair of scissors. The unseen story is that these scissors are a constant reminder of how I

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Scapular Medal

This is my Grandpa’s Scapular medal. Grandpa gave it to me when he was dying of cancer. These are what he kept when he was

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With depression your life gets derailed.  That is what I was thinking of and also another meaning is that a friend of mine is a

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Dream J

Above my desk and my CCT computer is there and my Dream J that my mom gave me. I often stare at when I’m depressed

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Cute Little Mug

This is a cute little mug that my roommate got me when she was in Ireland over spring break. We haven’t known each other very

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Rubik’s Cube

A rubik’s cube: that’s what I thought of with getting these meds…I wasn’t really cognizant during this time and plus I was delusional and so

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The Hill

This is a photo of me looking up at a hill. I wanted this to represent me waking up every day and looking at all

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