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Normalizing, de-stigmatizing and humanizing Mental Illness through photography and shared lived experiences

We showcase anonymous individual’s experiences with mental health Through photography.

My House

My house. My husband has really been gone the last 6 years and I’ve had to do everything to get it ready to get on

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Do Not Enter

This picture has to do with shutting people out. When I’m feeling depressed I don’t want anyone around. I have a sister that I love

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The Dam

Before the dam it is as smooth as glass and then all of a sudden it turns into the white water rapids. It tends to

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Meds In A Day

Picture of all the meds I take in a day. It makes me realize how many meds I’m taking every day and wondering how this

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Expensive Meds

Some of the meds can be really expensive—I’m lucky that I’m still under my parents’ insurance and they can still support me with hospital costs

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Fruit And Hygiene

Fruit and hygiene photos; Fresh fruit but I would eat something unhealthy because I did not feel I could do that work.  My hygiene was

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Brick Pavement

This is a brick pavement that is located downtown in my hometown. It has their names and date from when they were married of my

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