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Lived Experiences of Mental Illness Through Photography

normalizing, De-stigmatizing and humanizing Mental Health issues through photography and shared Lived experiences.

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Mental illness experiences shared visually.


A picture of the flag that was draped over my father’s casket when he was buried at the age of 21. A heroin user who

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These crosses are very special to me, they represent my journey and have been given to me by my family, friends and church.  I look

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With depression your life gets derailed.  That is what I was thinking of and also another meaning is that a friend of mine is a

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An unfortunate side effect of my medication I know I have are dreams. I never had dreams before. Never in my childhood. I don’t like

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My Degrees

What I’m most proud of is my Degrees. My health may be disintegrating around me but my education can never be taken away from me.

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