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Normalizing, de-stigmatizing and humanizing Mental Illness through photography and shared lived experiences

We showcase anonymous individual’s experiences with mental health Through photography.


Seen here is a painting of a Pokemon. The unseen story is that painting is a stress relief for me. Painting distracts me from my

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Pile Of Mail

Pile of my mail: All of the health care bills piling up. It is really expensive to have a mental illness, it costs a lot

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Vivarin Medication

Vivarin medication –stay awake medicine.  It took me a long time for me to start taking meds. Because everyone kept telling me since I was

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Paperwork Pile

Paperwork Pile;  Paperwork piling up that I have not gotten to [for several months].  [Now] I am in a program that is helping me with

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With depression your life gets derailed.  That is what I was thinking of and also another meaning is that a friend of mine is a

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My Coworker

Person I work with at night. She has dealt with a lot of the issues like I have. She was just somebody that takes medicines

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