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Beers In The Shower

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Beers In The Shower

You normally see empty beer cans in the shower but I recreated it with full beer cans.  As a graduate student in a really intensive graduate program there really is no time to shower and to enjoy a beer.  It is really common to use beer to cope in highly stressed times.  For a while there was a time where I just drank in the shower and was drinking a lot.  All I had time was to take a pill, shower quickly and then quickly get to bed.  This is how I knew if I was doing well was if I was enjoying the beer or just taking the beer in the shower and then I had to think about how this related to my depression.

It relates to life because there just isn’t any time to do anything.  You are so stressed that you do the only things that you can.  Everyone has had stress but this is extreme stress and that is how it relates to our lives.  Try to fit things.  Sometimes it is more about self-care and wanting to enjoy things and not be miserable.  Sometimes it is the only way to cope and not be miserable. 

There is just no time for self-care, there are some days that I don’t have time to eat that day.  It shouldn’t look this way.  I have no time to take care of myself.

It’s either a way to enjoy a beer or a way to self-destruct.  If you get the chance to go to sleep that night and get the chance to wake up.