Mental Illness Statistics


[bargraph] [bar title=”Students for whom symptoms of mental illness begin during the college years ” percent=”80″ id=”b1″] [bar title=”Approximate percent of college students who experience mental illness in a given year” percent=”20″ id=”b2″] [bar title=”Less than 20 percent of college students with mental illness receive treatment” percent=”20″ id=”b3″] [/bargraph]


The average delay between onset of symptoms and treatment is 8-10 years.

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in youth ages 10-24 years



Mental Health Resources


[toggle title=”National Resources”]

Mental Health Services Locator

NAMI – National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

NAMI AIR – AIR (Anonymous. Inspiring. Relatable.)

SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association


[toggle title=”Local (Fargo, ND) Resources”]

NDSU Counseling Center

NDSU Student Health Center

NDSU Disability Services

The Village Family Service Center


Mental Health America of North Dakota

First Link Community Resources