S: My theory homework. It’s basically the math of music class, so it’s probably 1 of the more academic music core classes for my major. It’s pretty hard for me. The poem I took a picture of is from Stravinky’s Soldier’s Tale. I decided to take a picture of it because I think the words are really cool and I think it kinda describes something that kinda made me think. It’s “Take heed, you must not seek to add to what you have what you had nor seek to be if you prefer both what you are and what you were. However grand, however proud, to have it all is not allowed. Your lot contains one happiness to look for more brings less, far less.

H: So, I kinda struggled with reading this poem at first cuz it kinda goes against everything that’s like you should always try to do more with your life. I feel like this semester, I’ve been trying to do more with my life and incorporate more things into my major and apply for more things. So, it kinda just made me think about slowing down.

O: I put a whole bunch of pens and highlighters in this picture because throughout the past 2 years of me being in college—I was always a good student in high school but—I found in college I’ve really grasped on to the role of being a student—it’s kinda like the constant in my life! I don’t know, I really enjoy nerdy things—like this assignment! It really just helps me get by and feeling good about my academic progress. Doing well in classes is kinda like a main thing in my life I guess.

W: Why are things this way? Um, because I have a crushing fear of the future, I don’t know! I want to do well in school so that I can get to my goals which are to teach choir at a collegiate level one day and I wanna apply for a full ride to Warren one day and go back to school and get a doctorate and stuff like that. So, work ethic is kind of in this picture too.

E: A lot of times people think that if someone has a mental illness, their whole life stops and they drop out of school and they go to some huge therapy and all this kind of stuff. But, it seems like to me—I tried to find the logical solution to my problem and my problem last year depression. So, I went to a doctor and I got on a pill and I was in a bad place for a while, but I still did school and I pushed through it. Now I feel like I’m just starting to get back into a good place. So, educating people that people with mental illnesses don’t always have to drop out of school and they’re not always this pathetic mound that has to like sell their life for the illness.

D: I don’t know. Hopefully keep pursuing it I guess without trying to overload myself or trying to be too perfect. I guess finding balance between work school and life so that I don’t get too stressed out.

Having a mental illness has given me a closer relationship to music. Just the other day in music history class we were talking about how to play romantic music, you have to have gone through a struggle of some sort because the composers who wrote romantic music oftentimes had mental illnesses and their music is so dramatic and you really have to have gone through something to really play it or understand it properly. I feel like I understand it more than I did—why someone would write music like that.