About Snap the Stigma


Snap the Stigma is an engagement project developed to de-stigmatize and humanize the experience of living with mental illness. Statistically, one in four adults from 18 to 24 years old are identified as having some form of mental illness.

Snap the Stigma project began as an innovative research initiative organized by two NDSU Professors of Pharmacy Practice: Dr. Amy Werrremeyer and Dr. Elizabeth Skoy. In their initial project, Skoy and Werremeyer used Photovoice as a means to capture the experience of college students living with mental illness at North Dakota State University. Photovoice is an established research methodology where participants photograph their everyday realities and experiences and use photography along with personal reflections to communicate their experiences with others. In 2016 Skoy and Werremeyer sought to expand the project with assistance from the NDSU Visual Arts professor, Meghan Kirkwood.



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